Iwona Tarnowska


My name is Iwona and I'm a Front-End Developer.

I care about UX. If something might not work for the user - I'll provide a better solution.

I'll make Your website alive with bold (or subtle) animations.

Check out my work!

My Projects

Here are some of my projects.

Otwarte Szkolne Mistrzostwa Lublina w Biegu na Orientację (2016)

Graphics / HTML / PHP / SASS / MySQL / JS

Szkolne Mistrzostwa Website Szkolne Mistrzostwa Diploma

Website for kids competition with entry form + additional materials (logo, diplomas).

Otwarte Szkolne Mistrzostwa Lublina w BnO

Mistrzostwa Polski 2016 w Biegu na Orientację (2016)

Graphics / HTML / PHP / SASS / JS

MP2016 Website MP2016 Website (RWD) MP2016 Diploma MP2016 Start number

Website for Mistrzostwa Polski 2016 w Biegu na Orientację - Polish orienteering championships. Few simple pages with PHP routing + additional materials (start numbers, diplomas).

[Archive] Mistrzostwa Polski 2016 w BnO

Bomba (2013)

Graphics / HTML / jQuery / JS (Canvas API)

Screen From Bomba Game

Bomba is a simple HTML5 game created for my thesis HTML5 as game development tool and it’s based on Bomberman game series.


Grand Prix Polonia 2013 and 2014 (2013/2014)

Graphics / HTML / CSS / Wordpress (custom theme) / jQuery

Grand Prix Polonia 2014 Website Grand Prix Polonia 2013 Flyer Grand Prix Polonia 2013 Start number

Official website of Grand Prix Polonia 2014 - international orienteering competition. I made custom Wordpress theme, PHP application for supporting entries for GPP, and some additional graphics including flyers and start numbers.

[Archive] Grand Prix Polonia 2014

Dialog (2013)

Graphics / HTML / CSS

Centrum DIALOG website

Speech Theraphy and Pedagogical Help Center DIALOG’s website.

[Archive] Dialog